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Asbestos Removal Equipment

Water Management Systems


The AQUARIUS 150 provides 150 litres of shower temperature water, it is ideal for use with the ASTROCAB range of airlock systems.  Providing your workforce with an easy to use robust system of heating water to shower temperature (40°c - adjustable) and collecting contaminated waste water before filtering and pumping to the nearest drain.


The AQUARIUS 150 uses diaphragm pumps which are protected by inline filters and individual fuses.  Diaphragm pumps are accepted as being the most reliable pumps to use in these situations as they are not troubled by air locks and low water levels.


Built in 5 mm thick ABS, the unit is tough, easy to clean and transportable thanks to the 4 x 100mm robust casters.  Removing the top panel on the front of the machine, which is held in place magnetically, provides access to the contactor and fuses.  The heater element and other serviceable parts are accessible by removing the front panel.  A hatch in the front of the unit provides storage for the inline RCD, plug and cable.

Standard configuration is 230v (110v is available however response times for reheating water will be increased).

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