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Astrocab 1000 3 & 5 Stage Cabin System

Astrocab 1000 3 & 5 Stage Cabin System

The ASTROCAB 1000 provides a simple to use, easy to clean, showering facility for your staff.  Available in 3 or 5 stage (typically) it can be adapted to suit any work area needed.  Additional panels can be added to provide further cabins if required.  It can also be easily placed to provide a straight through cabin or an ‘L’ shaped if this is needed.  This panel based system simply clips together, to provide a quick to erect facility, without the need to use tools or tape!

Provided with holes in the shower panel to fit your accessories, such as a shower head and provided with a waste pickup, it is an easy to use system.

Available in sizes 750mm, 850mm, 1000mm width this unit is versatile in any situation.

A full range of Aquarius water management systems are also available to suit this unit, please see separate documentation.

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