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Moisture Filtration

In order to help to protect both the primary filter and the HEPA filter within our air movers, we have designed moisture filters for both our Ventaire V50 and V25, which can be attached to the negative pressure units (NPU) when they are being used within a wet blasting environment.

The Moisture Filter prolongs the life of the NPU by preventing moisture entering the pre-filter and the unit itself. This delivers cost savings by reducing the number of pre-filters required, prevents premature damage to the HEPA filter and protects the integral parts of the air mover when operating it in a wet environment.

Features Include:

  • Simply connects to the air mover (NPU) via integral magnets, providing an airtight seal.
  • Compartment 1 separates water vapour from the air being drawn through the air mover (NPU).
  • Compartment 2 houses the prefilters, 1st being a Type 90 glass fibre filter and 2nd G4 pre-filter.
  • Comes complete with 17 litre removable drip tray for easy disposal of water collected.
  • Magnetic blanking plate for protecting the filters when in transit.
  • Access Panel for replacement of pre-filters without removing the moisture filter from the NPU.

Products Include

moisture filter MF01 from mecanaka


moisture filter MF03 from mecanaka


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