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Asbestos Removal Equipment


The SCRUBAIRE 2000 has been designed to be an easy to use, easy to clean product providing air scrubbing duties within or close by a working area. The purpose of the SCRUBAIRE is to draw in contaminated or polluted air through a series of filtration, returning clean air, at low level back to the environment. The standard filtration setup will filter particulates down to 5 microns.

In order to get the best from your SCRUBAIRE 2000, please observe the following;

  • Always operate the unit in an upright position.
  • Remove all transition covers prior to use. There is a ‘storing’ position for all of the transition covers, three of them directly below their home positions and one (the one above the control box) should be placed on the top of the unit. The transition covers are held in place by integral magnets. Please ensure all transition covers are placed into these parking positions to avoid loss and to cover the handle apertures on the side of the units.
  • Ensure all the lower flaps have room to operate.
  • For best performance pre filters should be changed at regular intervals depending on the levels of contamination/pollution.
  • Connect only to a suitable electronic electrical supply (see machine plate for electrical requirements).
  • Switch on the unit an adjust operating speed to suit the application.
  • Ensure control box cover is refitted during use.

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