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Asbestos Removal Equipment


The SCRUBAIRE 2000 has been designed to be an easy to use, easy to clean product which can be placed into a room/area to provide air cleaning by recirculating air through a series of filters. The purpose of the SCRUBAIRE is to draw in contaminated or polluted air through a series of filtration, returning clean air, at low level back to the environment. The standard filtration setup will filter particulates down to 5 microns.


The transit covers are held in place with concealed magnets for ease of cleaning and to reduce the chances of damage to clips & catches. Additionally transit covers can be repositioned (due to concealed magnets within the casing) below their transit position, for storage when in use.

The castors are fitted from the exterior with the use of threaded inserts, if a castor gets damaged you simply remove the old one and replace it, there is no need to take the unit apart. Internal bulkheads are reinforced to provide even HEPA filter clamping. Handles built into the body of the units prevent any possible leakage points. Manufactured from 5mm ABS thermoplastic sheets bonded to form triple welds. The fan motor, switchgear, manometers etc can be removed and replaced without disturbing the integrity of the HEPA filter.

The outlet vents positioned at low level on each side of the machine are fitted with grills and non return flaps which close automatically when the fan stops.


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