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Asbestos Removal Equipment



The ASTROCAB range of panel-based airlock and modular hygiene units provide the perfect solution for getting your equipment adjacent to all workplace situations. Whether you are planning a job with 2, 4 or even more operatives, the flexibility of this panel-based system is second to none. Now you can leave the asbestos where it belongs, in the work area.

Irrespective of whether it is 20 floors up or in a basement, the panels, the largest weighing just 22kg, can be moved in all but the smallest lifts. Why compromise, why not allow your operatives to get familiar with the same equipment whatever the site, and just think no more towing.

Having used and analysed most systems of connection for cabin systems over the years, in 2008 we set about developing a connection system that would prove to be one of the most robust and reliable in use today. ABS was chosen over aluminium for the extrusions and moulded parts, as aluminium tends to bend and deform more readily with aggressive use.

The extrusions are bonded to ABS 5mm thick sheet to form the floor, roof and door panels, with the wall panel being machined to form their grip edge. All panels simply slide into each other and clip into place.

If you are looking for transition airlock, bag and equipment airlock or a fully functioning modular hygiene unit take a closer look at the ASTROCAB range.

  • Manufactured from ABS (No Aluminium)
  • Robust
  • Easy Slot Together (No Tools Required)
  • Flat Pack & Stack
  • Lightweight

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