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Asbestos Removal Equipment



  • Safer Decontamination
  • Fully Automatic
  • Laminar Flow
  • Works with any pressurised shower system

For more than 30 years airlocks have been used within the asbestos removal workplace to provide safe access to and from the asbestos working area. Air is drawn through the airlock to the work area with the intention of keeping the airlock uncontaminated and provide a supply of air for the air changes required within the work area.

There has been a general assumption made that this airflow through the airlock is enough to keep the individual cabins free from harmful contaminants such as asbestos.  The problem with this working method is that it takes no account of the volume of the work area and therefore the velocity of air that will be passing through the airlock at any given time. This gives rise to inconsistent levels of cleaning of contaminants through the airlock.

Testing of various types of airlocks used within the asbestos removal process has shown that contamination levels inside the shower compartment of an airlock can be unacceptably high during the decontamination process and take up to 8 minutes to clear down to a safe exposure level.

Tests were carried out within a 3-stage airlock adjoined to a working area, the work area was under negative pressure of 20 pascals with makeup air being channelled through the airlock. With operatives most unlikely to be in the shower for 8 minutes before removing their respirators, they are at a higher risk of being exposed to respirable asbestos fibres.

cabclear product from mecanaka

The CAB CLEAR has been designed to provide a rapid air purge of the shower compartment achieving one air change every 18 seconds. When the operative enters the shower compartment, they press an air switch situated on the wall panel to start the decontamination process. The inlet and exhaust fans start simultaneously and 5 seconds later the shower commences. A red warning light is visible through a viewing window to warn the operatives that it is not safe to remove their respirator.

After 90 seconds the shower stops for 2 seconds and the red light is extinguished and replaced by a green light to indicate the time out has been reached and that they can remove their respirators. The shower restarts, both inlet and exhaust fans remain activated.

After 190 seconds the inlet and exhaust fans stop and then after a further 10 seconds the shower stops. A further 15 seconds later the green light extinguishes to indicate that the sequence is finished. If, however the air switch is pressed during the last 15 seconds of the sequence the shower will re-start for an additional 30 second duration.

All times can be adjusted at the factory before delivery to suit industry requirements. The user is responsible for ensuring that the levels of contamination within the shower compartment have reached an acceptable level by the time out.

If at any time the operative wants to stop the sequence he can press and hold the button for 5 seconds. This will halt all processes and cause the red and green lights to flash.  To reset simply turn the unit off and then back on again.

Any water management unit using a pressurized supply to the shower head can be used with this unit. No valves should be used between the unit and the shower head.

cabclear product from mecanaka
insde the cabclear product from mecanaka
inside the cabclear product from mecanaka

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